Anedix Technologies, Inc.



A 2d video boxing game for Android and iOS.  The idea spawned while two friends drove across the United States to a computer conference.


The view is based on 3D rendered characters in a 2D setting.  The view allows the player to see the not only the whole boxing ring, but health meters, scores and player names. Players are located on the right-side and their opponent on the left-side.

The player positions can be switch around.  To win you can knock the player out or gradually wear the opponent down.  If a player tries to hide in the ropes a penalty will be issued.  The basic controls are fun and include (multi-)touch combinations.



The game will released and retain the original in-game graphics and an enhanced version will include modules to expand the game.


In game screenshots will be distributed on a case by case basis until final release.  This is to protect the rights of the people who worked hard on programming, animation/graphics and sounds.